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My little harem of future-husbands :3

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Love me or leave me, sweetheart! ;D
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Proud to be married to: <3 :iconcanislilium: <3
I use this account for my more polished, portfolio-worthy works, so don't expect to see any of my Hetalia fanart up here. :P

I have been drawing since I was just a toddler and I have been actively sharpening my skills from that point on. I work with anime, psychedelic/visionary, and macabre styles in the likes of my favorite artists: Alex Grey, MC Escher, Tim Burton, and Zdzislaw Beksinski. My work is sometimes dark, horrifying, and psychological, but is spellbinding in one way or another.

I am also currently in the planning stages of a dystopian graphic novel series, the M'akeeva trilogy. The first installation is tentatively titled "Affliction".





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